The work here encompasses everything from on-line viral videos and microsites, content development, social and digital initiatives, to outdoor, print, radio, retail, events and promotion, and collateral. A true 360-degree role.

This viral video launched the category-shattering K 1200 R, which packed 163 hp.


Small space print ads in the cycle books directed people to this microsite. Print and outdoor completed the picture, touting the fact that this was the first BMW bike with true Japanese performance. These provocative print ads helped build the buzz further.




To launch the F 800 S, a mid-sized bike aimed at younger, hipper consumers, we interwove footage of a stunt rider named Christian Pfeiffer with an old motorcycle safety film.


Teaser ads directed riders to a microsite where riders could register to win the bike.


With BMW Motorcycles now reaching unheard of levels of performance, we suggested a high energy brand spot to reflect their new aggressiveness:



This spot showcased the 173 hp K 1200 S, the fastest BMW bike of all time.



To put a human face on BMW, we oversaw the development of the first community web site for BMW riders, BMW XPLOR, featuring everything form blogs, Google maps, videos and photography galleries, tech tips, forums, event info and individual rider pages. It was an instant success, with 7,000 registered users, 1,300 galleries, and 350 blogs in its first four months.

xplor_left    xplor_right    xplor_mid

In addition to writing all the product copy about the bikes on, we also created content pieces defining the BMW moto-lifestyle:

p_05    p_04

Muchd of the account was print. Here’s the best of the best, including this classic, “I never knew BMW made cars until I passed one,” that’s still being used on tee-shirts:


“We know a great place for Mexican. Mexico.”





In addition to brand advertising, we also produced numerous product brochures, including this historical retrospective about some of BMW’s more noteworthy models:



As well as more modern day models:


K 12 brochure

And last but not least, for those BMWs with four wheels, these product brochures for the X5 and 3-series, and a few collateral pieces for aftermarket performance parts:







And let’s not forget radio.