Frito-Lay had big brands and even bigger budgets. Here are some of the many big spots that were created that struck a nerve in pop culture.

For Tostitos, this spot involved watching hundreds of episodes of “The Beverly Hillbillies” and hundreds of hours of post-production wizardry. Incidentally, Gill has concluded that Granny was the funniest character. However, to this day, George remains a steadfast Jethro man.



This :60 epic ran during the Super Bowl, during bungee jumping’s heyday.



This commercial launched a new product line, while featuring SNL alum Dana Carvey.



This commercial illustrates the joys of game delaying, time consuming video reviews.



And here’s a couple of spots that show the lengths people go to get their Doritos.




These outdoor posters ran around college campuses and other places where the snacking was fierce, like George’s old pad in Hell’s Kitchen.